Sharon in her own words

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Sharon in her own words:

I’m passionate about creating change, cleaning up the planet and empowering others to get that they, too, can make a difference and a profit; that social entrepreneurship is engaging and rewarding. 

As an entrepreneur, author, speaker and thought leader with 25+ years experience building a niche, catalyst brand that pioneered the reusable bag movement, it excites me to share what I know; the successes and failures I’ve experienced along the way.

With a “leave no trace” core value and as a lifelong zero waste advocate, I am educating business leaders on how ethical production and sustainable sourcing builds the integrity of their brand improving their bottom line as well as how connecting to one's core values leads to creating "work that matters."

Profiled in Time Magazine as a force for change in 2007, my goal is to inspire others to become leaders themselves by demonstrating how small steps lead to big impacts.

Accessibility to clean air and clean water for everyone is what gets me up in the morning. 

I welcome the chance to work with you, speak for your organization or simply connect